Allison Melody is an eco-entrepreneur with a passion for film, fitness and food. Her endeavors include filmmaking, podcast-hosting, and motivational speaking.


Allison hosts the top ranked Food Heals Podcast, owns the film production company, Melody Productions, and speaks at events across the US and Europe. 


For the past twelve years, Allison has also directed, produced and edited documentary films, PSA’s, commercials and viral videos for clients on the topics of social justice, human rights and public health. Allison is currently directing Food Heals, a documentary that follows several inspiring individuals who have used nutrition and alternative medicine to heal themselves of chronic, degenerative and terminal disease.


Allison speaks at events including The Sundance Film Festival, Podcast Movement, High Vibe Live, New Media Summit, Spirit Junkie MasterClass, Podfest, Release What Weighs You Down Retreat, The Podcast Cruise & more.  


Allison Melody

Filmmaker, Podcast Host & Motivational Speaker

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Allison owns and operates Melody Productions, a video production and social media marketing company. For nearly 12 years, Allison has been directing, producing and editing documentary films, PSA’s, commercials, and viral videos for clients across the state through her work with non-profit organizations in order to raise awareness of public health issues and improve the lives of underserved communities. The topics she addresses through her work are powerful and heart-centered and focus on Holistic Health, Social Justice, Human Rights and Animal Rights. They reflect her passion for creating positive change in people and the communities they serve.





Being hailed as “Sex and the City for Food,” The Food Heals Podcast brings together experts in the field of nutrition, health and healing to teach you the best-kept natural secrets to being a hotter, healthier, happier YOU!


The Food Heals Podcast is hosted by Allison Melody and Suzy Hardy – two self-proclaimed natural chicks who will rock your world and change your beliefs about health! This sexy, savvy duo provides eco-friendly advice on a variety of issues including the healing power of nutrition, living authentically, turning your passion into your career, choosing the best natural health andbeauty products, the benefits of a plant-based diet and so much more!

Past notable Food Heals Podcast guests include The Universe Has Your Back Author GabbyBernstein,  Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Director Joe Cross, NBA Champion & Vegan Activist John Salley, Host of Hallmark’s Home and Family show & Gorgeously Green Author SophieUliano, Cowspiracy & What The Health Directors Kip Andersen & Keegan Kuhn, America’s Healthy Doc, Dr. Joel Kahn, Eco-Vegan Gal Whitney Lauritsen, Proteinaholic Author Dr. Garth Davis, Fitness Expert Ben Greenfield, The Food Babe Vani Hari, Born ForThis Author Chris Guillebeau, Entrepreneur On Fire’s John Lee Dumas & Kate Erickson, Eaternity Author & Television Host of How to Live to 100, Jason Wrobel, The McDougall Program Author Dr. McDougall and Producer & Wellness expert Kimberly Van Der Beek, just to name a few.


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Does the cure for cancer exist? What the heck is juice fasting? Find out in the feature-length film, Food Heals! Food Heals is a documentary that follows several inspiring individuals who have used nutrition and alternative medicine to heal themselves of chronic, degenerative and terminal disease without drugs, surgery, or chemotherapy. This film features Director and Star of "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead," Joe Cross; NBA Champion , John Salley; TV/Radio host, Kerri Kasem; owner of Malibu's finest juice bars, Khalil Rafati, and many others!


Check out the trailer at www.FoodHeals.tv




Holistic Voice’s mission is to uplift, enlighten and transform traditional beliefs about health through multimedia productions including social media, video, film, articles and podcasts. Our vision is that our informative and inspiring documentaries and multimedia campaigns will raise awareness of the ways in which diet, supplements, exercise and alternative healing modalities can prevent and heal disease.

 We provide tools, resources and knowledge that will:

-Educate the community about the benefits of disease prevention through nutrition, exercise, and alternative medicine;

-Empower individuals and their families by providing them with the information they need to make educated, informed decisions about healthcare;

-Engage individuals in the community in a conversation about the importance of disease prevention, and what nutritional options exist for disease reversal.

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